Stacy L. Smith is the owner and founder of Full Circle: Therapeutic Massage. She is dedicated to her practice and to her clients. Her goal is to help them realize they don’t have to live with suffering aches and pains. Help is available! Originally from Thompson, CT, a small town located in the Northeastern corner of CT, she graduated from the University of RI with a bachelors degree in English. Prior to graduation, her creative side tugged at her heart and she became very interested in Massage Therapy. She involved herself with the Massage Therapy community by reading books and joining magazine clubs, whose specific topics were Massage Therapy. She desperately wanted to make her mark on the world, help people and open her own business. She knew Massage Therapy could be the vehicle that would take her there. In January of 2007, Stacy enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) in Groton, CT. CCMT is a highly accredited school with a comfortable and home-like environment that makes learning easy. In August 2008, Stacy graduated at the top of her class with a degree in Massage Therapy and Acupressure. It was a triumphant and celebratory day. She was anxious to open the business that she’d been planning, structuring and deeply looking forward to for the past six months. A few weeks later she launched Full Circle: Therapeutic Massage on Historic Federal Hill. This serene and beautiful practice is located right above Tammany Hall at 411 Atwells Ave, a familiar spot for many in the area. Her business took off quickly and she now practices Massage Therapy full time, accommodating anywhere from 10-20 clients per week.
     Since graduating Stacy has also become an active member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and is Nationally Certified by the NCBTMB by passing the National Certification Exam. She is also fully insured by AMTA and licensed to practice by the state of RI. She is also certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage (Mother Massage by Elaine Stillerman) and Clinical Management of Lower Back Pain and Sciatica (with Diane Polseno), both through the RI AMTA. Continuing Education is exceptionally important to Stacy as she thrives on her education to produce the best results in her massage sessions. Another vital part of really being able to make massage work for her clients is by being passionately involves with the human anatomy. Attending a hands-on Cadaver Workshop is one way to stay actively educated about the phenomenon of the human body. Stacy had the immense pleasure of attending this workshop at the URI Physical Therapy Dept with amazing instructor Diane Polseno. It was then that she was able to learn first hand about the musculature of the body by palpating muscles, organs and other structures of the body on those who so graciously donated their bodies to science.  This amazing experience put the wondrous human anatomy in a whole new light for Stacy and the way she applied her techniques became more specific and accurate. Her palpation skills were greatly enhanced and her ability to find solutions to clients’ muscular problems happened quicker and with less trial and error. Stacy’s valued clients have taken the time to write valuable testimonials on her behalf to let others know how her massage therapy has helped and  impacted their lives.
      Some people come to Full Circle: Therapeutic Massage seeking complete relaxation, while others have more complicated physical problems that require advanced massage skills. Stacy develops close therapeutic relationships with her clients and only wants the best for their minds, bodies and souls. She prides herself in following up with her clients to see if their condition has improved. Her philosophy is simple: she will do everything within her scope of practice to help and to heal….but sometimes that’s not enough. This is why she has developed a circle of healthcare practitioners, dedicated to the same purposes as herself, whom she can refer her clients to if they need skills beyond her techniques. Sometimes it is necessary for clients to get additional advanced therapies beyond massage for their condition(s). (See THE CIRCLE for additional information.)
    Although Massage Therapy may not be for everyone, Stacy strongly urges people to consider the many ways they could benefit from it. She is always here to answer any questions or concerns anyone might have about receiving a massage and will offer advice and recommendations at any time. Being comfortable is a key component in the ability to relax. If nothing else, her goal is to make anyone who enters into her practice, for any therapeutic reason, nothing but comfortable. The state of comfort will greatly increase the level of benefits available from the massage.
     Stacy plans to learn many more advanced techniques and certifications offered through the AMTA and in 2011 she hopes to expand her practice to a new, larger location on Federal Hill. This new location would be considered a Wellness Center. It would be available for clients to have every aspect of Full Circle Healthcare (varietal Massage Therapy techniques, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chiropractics, Physical Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Detoxification Specialists, Personal Training and Nutritional/Dietary Consultants, etc…) available at their fingertips. This would ensure the best possible integrated therapeutic sessions, all aimed at reaching comfortable and reasonable solutions in  the most timely manner possible. The quicker you feel better, the better we are at our jobs! Stacy would also like to teach massage to others in the future. There’s nothing like passing on a legend, a skill, a passion for healing, helping and loving others. God Bless you all and nothing but my best wishes for a happy and healthy lifetime!
     Stacy is also a part-time photographer. In 2007 she launched her company Simply Shot Photography. Her photos can be seen on Facebook and when entering her practice you will see a small gallery of photos for sale. Stacy custom mattes and frames all of her photos herself and they are available in an array of colors and sizes. She also enjoys reading, arts and crafts, woodworking, traveling, botany, animals and nature in her spare time. She is extremely close to her family, most of whom are residing in Thompson and Putnam, CT and Webster and Dudley, MA and she makes frequent trips out their to visit with all of them. Without the guidance and lover of her family she would not be where she is today. Stacy’s special thanks go out to all of them for their support and love!


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