20 Ways to make your massage better
1. Drink plenty of water the day before and morning of your appointment.
2. Do not consume alcohol or drugs before your massage
3. Practice body awareness, so you can inform your therapist of any injuries or sore areas.
4. Please maintain appropriate hygiene. ie. Shower, clean feet (in summer months)
5. Please be 5 minutes early - if you will be late please call. Full service will be performed if time permits.
6. Please use the restroom prior to getting on the table.
7. Ask and questions and fulfill any curiosities before beginning.
9. ALWAYS SPEAK UP! This is YOUR massage, YOUR time, YOUR $$$...You should be comfortable...Not too hot / too cold / adjust face cradle / positioning
10. Your therapist should remain in communication with you at all times regarding pressure. ALWAYS be sure to specify if it is too much or not enough. You will be the only one that suffers if you do not speak up. The therapist will not be offended at all.
11. If there is any part of your body you do not want massaged please let your therapist know ahead of time.
12. Remember... Everything is connected....If your upper back hurts, it could be the result of tight pectoral muscles...If your lower back hurts, it could be the result of tight hamstrings. That is why it is good to get a full body massage at least once a month.
13. RELAX! It is OK to fall asleep. Trying not to fall asleep the whole time can ruin your massage experience.
14. Let the therapist do all the work unless otherwise informed. He/She will move your limbs for you. Stay relaxed and don't try to help unless you are uncomfortable in some way.
15. If the therapist has not covered an area in need of attention, to your satisfaction, PLEASE speak up. Please remember that spending more time in one area may result in less time in another area.
16. Take your time getting off the table when your massage is over. Try to remain relaxed. Move slowly and use caution while getting dressed.
17. Drink plenty of water after your massage. During your massage, toxins are released from the muscles into the bloodstream as tension is relieved and oxygen moves into the muscles. These toxins can make you feel jittery or shaky, excessively tired or even nauseous if not flushed out with plenty of water.
18. DO NOT consume alcohol or engage in vigorous exercise or strength training after your massage. These activities can interfere and possibly undo progress from your massage.
19. Consider booking your next appointment that day. Maintenance is KEY for consistent progress to be made in improving physical conditions, lowering stress levels, and keeping tension levels at a minimum. If you have become aware of an area of your body holding, an unusually large amount tension, speak to your therapist about possibly scheduling another appointment, before your next full body massage, to work specifically on that area only.
20. Stay in contact with your therapist. Let her / him know how you feel after your massage. Was there anything you especially liked? Didn't like? Could do different next time? Soreness? Relief?
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