Special Thanks


            A Special Thanks

               I would like to take this time to give my special thanks and love to those who have supported me throughout my journeys. There were many times along my path when I felt lost and unsure. It was the incredible support of many friends and family that got me through the hardships of this adventure called life!  My parents fall first in line for that special thanks. Mom and Dad, I am who I am today because of you. You and no one but you made my life beautiful and full of love. You always taught me I could do better, I could be anyone, even when I didn’t think so. I remember not wanting to leave for college for fear of change and now I embrace change. I remember not wanting to ask people for advice or to help me along the way when I was younger, you taught me that was okay. You taught me to learn from my mistakes, to be realistic, to utilize all my options, to never give up, to calm down, to focus, to be me and be comfortable with that. Everything I do today I do for me and for you. I love you so much and appreciate all you have ever done for me because some people just aren’t so lucky.
                I want to thank my sister, Maureen for her support also. Moe, you’ve also taught me many things. You taught me to be fair, you taught me that everything doesn’t have to be so complicated. You showed me how to be strong in situations when I didn’t know how, and I did that for you when I could. You made me feel important and strong when I taught you things and you took my advice,  even if you didn’t want to. I am so very proud of you and everything I do in life I want to share with you. You are my only sister and nobody else could compare to the bond we’ve worked so hard to create. The fact that it didn’t come easy almost makes it better. I will cherish you forever.
                I also want to thank the rest of my family, especially my Memere Vivian. She always lifts  my heart and makes me laugh. Thank You for always paying attention to what’s going on in my life and for telling everyone about my accomplishments. You taught me it’s okay to have fun when you’re not supposed to, not to dwell on the bad things or the past, but to look toward the future, and you taught me it’s good to blush sometimes…well, it’s usually because of you.  Aunty Cathy, I miss you lady. I’m crying as I type this. I wish you could see what I’ve accomplished. Once I got started,  you were too sick to travel and I tried to describe it all to you the best I could. I know you are up above, watching over me, smiling and supporting me all the way like you always did. You taught me it wasn’t always easy being good at something because there’s always someone out there who will try to take it away from you. Well that’s some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. You taught me that I should be proud of myself no matter what anyone has to say. Sometimes that’s a battle I face but I just think of your words, and I remember them so clearly. I think about you every day and wish you were here. I can’t wait to see you some day in the future Beautiful Lady, but until then, I’ll see you in my dreams….
                As for my Friends….what can I say? My mom always told me that when I got to be her age if I could count five good friends in life…that I was very lucky…and I am. I would like to thank all of my friends for their support and help when I was stressed building the business or studying for school…or when I was too busy to hang out and felt like I couldn’t add up to all of you. You never made me feel inadequate and always knew I would be able to give more one day. I thank you for your understanding, love and support. I thank some of you for giving me the opportunity to really make my business bloom in Providence. I could NOT have done it without you and I am forever in your debt. If you’re reading this and you think you might be one of those people….YOU ARE.
                I would also like to thank my mentors and teachers. ALL OF YOU. I want to thank some of my high school teachers who supported me during the most trying times of my life. Mr. P., Ms. Delage, Mr. Greenside, you are the ones who built my foundation. College was a time when I built my character skills, learned to be confident, versatile, motivated for success, focused…I would like to personally thank Mr. Stephen Barber for all of his support educationally and emotionally as I really learned to settle into the person I am today. And how could I forget my confidant, my friend, my sanity, the one who got me through those 4yrs…Hillary. Words cannot explain the level I hold you at in my life. You balance me out and help me make sense of things better than any other. Most of the time, that’s just what I need and it’s refreshing to know that’s still the case till this very day. Lastly, I would like to send a huge thank you out to everyone of the teachers at CCMT. You all touched my heart in one way or another and I am helping people every day because of all of you. CCMT was an amazing school and a second home to me for 20months. I wouldn’t give that up for anything! Thank you for making that time precious because it has shaped the rest of my life.
                Last but not least I would like to thank all of the people I work with today who help make my business successful. First I could not do it all without my Secretary and best friend, Mrs. Tana Dashnaw. Going as far back as the 8th grade we have always been each other’s support line and now we are able to successfully run a business together and many more in the future. For those of you who are wondering who this invisible woman is….she is the one who manages my schedule, calls you all to remind you of your appointments, answers the phone every time I call, all while being the most amazing mother of two and an equally unbelievable wife.  She tells me I CAN do something every time I say otherwise! For the last 12yrs we have been best of friends and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work together now and only see that opportunity growing throughout the following years. I love you hun and I cherish our friendship and business relationship very much and look forward to doing bigger and better things together in the future!!! A special thanks also to Keith Mackey for his generosity and urgency in helping me design this website. I could not have done it without him and I thank him for all of his ideas and skills!  I also want to thank the various Healthcare Professionals in other areas who work closely with me to help clients feel healthy and happy. Our relationships are extremely important in the professions we are in because they sometimes are what create the best outcomes for our clients. We learn from each other, grow together and contribute our part to society by doing something we love. That is the greatest gift! I look forward to working with all of you in the future and developing further in each of our modalities to make our contributions to the human race greater and greater each year.
                Now I can’t forget  the most important Thank You….to all of my wonderful clients!!! Thank you for your support, thank you for trusting me, for confiding in me, for your loyalty, your honesty and your BIG MOUTHS!!!! It is your word of mouth that has primarily contributed to the success of FULL CIRCLE and I not only deeply care for all of you but look for any chance I can to repay you for all you do for me each and every time you are on my table by doing my best to help relax you and relieve any stress and pain you may be feeling. I hope I can continue to be your Massage Therapist for years to come and make you feel a little better each time!!!


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